General & Family Dentistry

General & Family Dentistry

At LivingSmile Dental, we believe in preventative care and provide comprehensive range of general treatments. These are available to ensure our patients have happy & long-lasting healthy smiles. Treatments available include:

Dental Check-up

checkupMany people often neglect their oral health. It is only during routine dental check-ups that dental issues are identified and can be treated. Regular dental check-ups help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and dental infection. Dental check-ups give our dental team the chance to spot early warning signs and spot early warning signs of oral cancer.



Scaling & Polishing

scalingScaling and polishing procedure cleans your teeth thoroughly. Scaling removes the hard tartar (calculus) which forms on your teeth. You can’t remove it by just brushing your teeth. Scaling also removes trapped food and plaque containing bacteria, which can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Stains from coffee, tea, cigarettes or red wine can be removed when we polish your teeth after scaling. At LivingSmile Dental, air-powder polishing is used with a specially designed handpiece called Prophy-Jet which is very effective for the removal of extrinsic stains & soft debris.


Dental Filling & Restoration

composite_vs_amalgamA dental filling/restoration replaces part of a tooth that has been lost because of decay or fracture. This involves a wide range of materials available include the tooth coloured material like composites, compomers, glass ionomer cements, and metal alloys like amalgam.